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Apply For Scholarships and Grants 

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CultureFix 2020 Grant Application

Annual grantees will be named / may be profiled at  No award dollar amounts will be made public.  Grantees may be asked to simply fact check any profile planned for based on the facts and context provided in this application and any additional information or background. 

If a 501(c)(3), provide EIN:

Should a grant be funded by check:

Describe, in detail, your Program’s goals:

Please cite any regional or national research describing the need(s) for your Program and/or its positive benefit(s).  What effect will your Program have on specific (or across all) local neighborhoods?

Dates of Program:

Who will benefit from your Program?

Describe how your Program fulfills the CultureFix Mission Statement:  "Our mission is to promote and enhance the cultural energy and vitality of our community by creating experiences and educational opportunities that encourage visitation and enrich the lives of those who live here."

Consider which of CultureFix’s Goals apply to your Program:

  • To produce unique arts and cultural events for the greater Williamsburg area;

  • To support and collaborate with local artists, organizations, and businesses that are mission-aligned and foster mutually beneficial relationships;

  • To work towards an art-inspired communal space and an enhanced arts infrastructure;

  • To capture arts and culture grant money that is designated for livability and creative placemaking

Attach any information or background you believe will strengthen your application.

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I have read and understand the CultureFix 2020 Grant Application Guidelines

Thanks for submitting!

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