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Do you want to be a vendor at The Big Bluesy?  If so, please fill out the form below AND click the pay now button to pay the vendor fee. If you have trouble submitting this form, please go ahead and pay the fee and shoot us an email at Thank you.

Interested in joining The Big Bluesy Fun as a volunteer? Just submit this form, and we'll get back to you if your availability meets our needs.

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Note: Minors (under age 18) must have the signature of a parent or legal guardian below to participate in volunteer activities.

As a Volunteer, I will:
1. Certify that I am at least 18 years old, physically fit and able to participate in the Event.
2. Participate in a culturefix - designated festival event or events (“Event”) and notify my Event supervisor if I am not able to perform a requested task.
3. Acknowledge that I will not be compensated for my participation or services.
4. Adhere to the policies in the following code of conduct:
- I will only sign up for shifts I am able to commit to and am therefore confirmed.
- I will call within 24 hours of my event if I am unable to make a shift.
- I understand that I am responsible for my own transportation and time management.
- I will arrive promptly to my event call time and in the assigned uniform.
- I will behave and appear in a professional manner at all times as I am a representative of culturefix.
- I will not smoke or consume alcohol in uniform.
- I will remain on-site until I have checked out with the volunteer manager at the end of my event shift.
5. Assume all risks of personal injury, property loss or death that may occur related to my participating in the Event. Along with my heirs, executors and administrators, I waive all current and future legal claims against culturefix, Williamsburg Event Rentals, James City County, and event sponsors (collectively, “Presenters”).
6. Acknowledge that I am not covered by any Presenter’s insurance.
7. Authorize any necessary medical treatment to me at the Event, at my cost.
8. Indemnify and defend, together with my heirs, executors and administrators, the Presenters from all liabilities, claims, actions, damages, costs or expenses, including claims based on the Indemnity’s negligence, arising out of or connected with third party claims related to my participation in the Event.
9. Not take any action that would negatively impact the reputation of culturefix or the Festival. I will leave the event if culturefix requires.
10. Allow culturefix’s agents, without reservation, limitation or additional compensation, to record, in any media, and use, broadcast or produce derivative works from, in any media and for all time, my name, face, likeness, voice and appearance.
I understand that I am responsible for my own actions while a volunteer in any capacity for culturefix.


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